Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve received a few questions about Electricopolis’ stories and world, so here’s a list of relatively frequently-asked questions and their answers.

  • Q. How old is Tales From Electricopolis (the series)?
  • A. I’ve been working on Tales From Electricopolis and making art for it since at least 2009, according to the timestamps on my Google Drive, but I didn’t start posting the series online until, I think, 2013. If you’d like to see what Bob looked like back in his earliest incarnation, well:
I enjoyed drawing his hair so much that the hat just had to go.

  • Q. Is it true that Bob Sparker was an influence for Mettaton, from Toby Fox’s Undertale?
  • A.
Did you know Bob has an IMDb page? It’s true.

  • Q. Is it true that Bob Sparker was an influence on Spamton, from Toby Fox’s Deltarune Ch. 2?
  • A. Why not? They’re both two [LONG-NOSED HUCKSTERS], after all!!

In all seriousness, Toby and I are good friends, and we influence and affect each other’s creative works in many ways, some of which are more obvious than others! I know I wouldn’t have been able to unleash my true power without his inspiration.

  • Q. Who inspired the design of Bob Sparker?
  • A. Chiefly he was inspired by a bunch of characters from the video game Silhouette Mirage, such as Har and Megido, but especially Delia:
  • Q. Is it OK to create fanworks of Electricopolis?
  • A. Absolutely! Fanart, fanfiction, anything is OK.
  • Q. What about NSFW works?
  • A. Also fine!
  • Q. I have another question…
  • A. Please feel free to comment on this post, send an ask to the electricopolis-net tumblr, hit me up on twitter at @pauli_kohberger, or email me at pkohberger at gmail dot com. If you prefer, you can also join the moon works Discord server, which has an Electricopolis channel where I often post behind-the-scenes snippets and sneak peeks!

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