The State of Electricopolis

The gang hard at work

…It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Apologies for the long, long, long hiatus–the past few years have been crazy, as anyone can tell you. The good news is that Electricopolis has been getting a sudden influx of new readers and appreciators, which means I have more drive and motivation to work on it! Everyone wins!

The next story is completely written, and has one finished illustration out of about seven or eight. When I have enough of a buffer that I can start posting them without worrying about running out of material, I will; I’m expecting this to be no later than the end of February, and I’ll post one chapter a week, just like I used to. This story will mark the end of Season 2. I won’t reveal many details, but I will say that the title of the story is “The Game Show Killer.”

Seasons 3 and 4 are totally planned out, but have yet to be written. I have big plans for the arc of the story from here on out, so I hope you enjoy it! Hopefully it won’t take another four years to get there!

I will also be using this blog more to mirror content from my Twitter, like illustrations and standalone snippets and things like that. Here’s one to kick off the new year!

Before I go, I’d like to say welcome to all the new fans, and thank you to the ones who have stuck by me and supported me this entire time. I hope all of you enjoy what I have in store!